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 Belair Garden Cottage Carriacou
Carriacou, along with Petite Martinique, belongs to the tri-island nation of Grenada. It's the largest in the Grenadine islands and is situated at 12.26 N and 61.50 W. Volcanic in formation, the 13 square miles of rolling hills extend about 7 miles in length by 2 miles at its widest point.  High North, at 955' above sea level, is its highest point. There are several sandy beaches and coral reefs surrounding the island. The seaport of Hillsborough is the main town with shopping and government facilities. Grenada is 27 miles to the south, but Carriacou's sister island, Petite Martinique, is only 3 miles to the east.
The wet season is from June through December, averaging 40 inches of rain. Rainfall is usually brief and scattered and there is normally a constant light breeze, making Carriacou an ideal Caribbean destination any time of the year.
Steeped in cultural heritage, and blanketed in undeveloped natural beauty, Carriacou is one of the last unspoilt little gems of the Caribbean.
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Occupations on this friendly island consist of fishing, agriculture, tourism, construction, and local boat building.  Descendants of slaves make up the population of Carriacou which is about 7,000. Carriacouans also call themselves Kayaks, which is derived from the Amerindian name for the island, "Kayryouacou", meaning land surrounded by reef. Cultural heritage is kept alive with the performance of The Big Drum Dance at many special occasions along with boat building.
Original Amerindian settlements were destroyed by French & British colonists and the long tussle for control ended in 1783, when Grenada became British. In 1967 it became a British Associated State and gained Independence in 1974. Grenada is a parliamentary democracy with all 15 seats filled by the New National Party with The Right Honorable Keith Mitchell as Prime Minister. Carriacou and Petite Martinique have their own ministry, overseen by Honorable Senator Elvin Nimrod.
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Eastern Caribbean Dollar,  2.70 EC (XCD) for $1.00 US

Princess Royal Hospital,
Carriacou Health Services,
private doctors practicing; pharmacies in town  

Hillsborough to outlying areas $3.50 EC

$20 to $50 EC depending
on destination

FLOW ltd. & Digicel, fre WiFi in some restaurants

220 Volts, 50 Hz
                                           Grenada Co-op Bank,
Republic Bank,  Hours:
M-Th 8am to 2pm , F 8am
to 5 pm, ATM service 24/7

Hillsborough, Windward,
Harvey Vale including food,
boutique, & souvenir items. Generally open 8am - 4pm M-F, 8 - 12 Sat

Anglican, Roman Catholic,
Jehova's Witnesses,
Evangelical, Methodist,
Penticostal, Seventh Day Advetist and others  
Ministry of Carriacou,  
Beausejour, Carriacou Police in Hillsborough

Official language:


Medical Facilities:

Bus Service:







Government Services: